Scary issue neither party will speak about.

Radioactive waste from 1950's atomic bomb to possibly poison a second time due to raging underground garbage fire outside St. Louis, Missouri.

Let's all stand with Jill against nuclear weapons and all nuclear power.

Underground fires are notoriously hard to control or extinguish, and they often burn for years. One smoking, stinking garbage fire in a St. Louis MO landfill is at least five years old, and rages only 1200 feet from a cache of buried nuclear waste left over from the construction of the world's first atomic bombs during World War 2. There are no barriers between the fire and the nuclear waste. Should the fire reach the radioactive material the result will be a plume of deadly radioactive smoke directly over the St. Louis airport, the city and nearby suburbs, including Ferguson.

Authorities have known about the fire creeping toward the nuclear waste dump for some time, but only this month have been forced to make public their emergency plans to be executed in the event that the smoldering garbage fire reaches the radioactive waste. The report calls for the use of sirens, SMS text messaging and other means to spur evacuation of affected areas, and calls for the mobilization of first responders and volunteer resources, and the cooperation of hospitals, businesses, schools and other local institutions. 

 Inevitably, even without the approaching garbage fire, the atomic waste site is leaking radiation. Local residents are not reassured by the assurances of the EPA, the federal agency in charge of the atomic bomb waste site, that there is little danger to the health and safety of the 2 million plus residents of the St. Louis metro area, and are urgently demanding more information and accountability. 

This is far from the first local instance of homicidal indifference on the part of authorities. In 1994 the US Army admitted that forty years earlier it deliberately sprayed some poor St. Louis neighborhoods in and around St. Louis MO with toxic and radioactive dust because they said, the local topography resembled some Russian cities they might want to target in a future war. Some unknown number of local residents died. 


The Army Sprayed St. Louis With Toxic Aerosol During A Just Revealed 1950s Test

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Nov. 12, 2012……--…

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