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Selected Press Releases: 

December 1st, 2015 Dr. Jill Stein, Presidential candidate at COP 21, to speak at civil society events decrying the derailed COP process, calling for US to lead transformative climate action.

September 22, 2015
  President Should Welcome Pope With Act Of Climate Penance: Ending Fossil Fuel Leases On Public Lands.

September 18, 2015 Candidate Stein: Republican Presidential Spectacle More Debacle than Debate.

September 17, 2015 Stein Says Solving the Refugee Crisis Requires Halting Disastrous US Military Interventions At Root of the Crisis, As Well As Providing Immediate Humanitarian Assistance.
September 15, 2015 Stein Launches Petition to End  ‘Mockery of Democracy’, Open the 2016 Presidential Debates. 
September 8th, 2015  Presidential Candidate Stein: 10 years After Katrina, New Orleans Is An Ongoing
September 8th, 2015 Dr. Jill Stein Launches National Student Organization Young Greens Rising

August 19, 2015: Stein Calls for Abolishing Student Debt and Making Public Higher Education Free 

August 3, 2015: Stein: Obama's Clean Power Plan A Band-Aid When Emergency Surgery Is Needed
July 31, 2015: Jill Stein Says it’s time for Medicare for All Americans!
July 22, 2015: #BlackLivesMatter Rally at Ferguson Police Department; Presidential Candidate Jill Stein Among Speakers
June 23, 2015: Jill Stein Kicks Off Presidential Campaign With Power To The People Plan
June 5, 2015: Presidential Candidate Jill Stein To Speak at Kshama Sawant’s Re-Election Kick off event
May 13, 2015: The Green Party and Libertarian Party Join Together to Challenge The Commission on Presidential Debates 
May 8, 2015: Million Moms March On DC Against Police Brutality; 2016 Presidential Hopeful Jill Stein Among Them
April 20, 2015: Jill Stein Among Calls for Release Political Prisoner Rev. Pinkney 
February 26, 2015: 2016 US Presidential Hopeful Jill Stein Seeks To Bring Issues From Frontline Communities To The Frontlines of The Presidential Dialogue 
February 6, 2015: In ABC News Exclusive, Dr. Jill Stein Announces Formation of Exploratory Committee For 2016

Official Launch Video: #ItsInOurHands (Download the launch video (1080p - 57mb)

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