Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist Chris Hedges endorses Jill for president

I was honored to learn that Chris Hedges, Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist and fearless truth-teller, has published an article supporting my run for President.


This glowing endorsement from one of the leading political and social thinkers of our time comes at a moment when our campaign is building momentum daily.

Just in the last few weeks, we’ve qualified for federal matching funds earlier than any Green presidential campaign in history, and started our ballot access drive strong in states across the country. And now we’re preparing to essentially double the size of our campaign team, which will take our organizing power to a whole new level.

Will you help us keep the momentum going by contributing as much as you can today? Remember, your contribution will be matched up to the first $250 by federal matching funds!

Every dollar you give will be doubled and put immediately to work building the global movement of movements for people, planet and peace over profit that we need so desperately in this historical moment.

Thank you for all that you do. It’s in our hands!

- Jill Stein

Chris Hedges: Why I Support Dr. Jill Stein for President  |  Truthdig, February 21, 2016

The political crisis in America is severe. The old ideas that buttressed the ruling class and promised democracy, growth and prosperity—neoliberalism, austerity, globalization, endless war, a dependence on fossil fuel and unregulated capitalism—have been exposed as fictions used by the corporate elite to impoverish and enslave the country and enrich and empower themselves. Sixty-two billionaires have as much wealth as half the world’s population, 3.5 billion people. This fact alone is revolutionary tinder.

We are entering a dangerous moment when few people, no matter what their political orientation, trust the power elite or the ruling neoliberal ideology. The rise of right-wing populism, with dark undertones of fascism, looks set in the next presidential election—as it does in parts of Europe—to pit itself against the dying gasps of the corporate establishment.

Peaceful rebellion grows more unstoppable by the day

Greetings from the campaign trail, where the peaceful rebellion is growing stronger by the day!

Here's some of the latest exciting news from the last few weeks of my whirlwind cross-country tour.

Jill talks with veteran journalist Robert Scheer

Jill Stein recently appeared on Scheer Intelligence with host Robert Scheer on KCRW Radio 89.9 in Santa Monica, California. According to the station, during the half-hour interview -- which can be listened to in its entirety -- they discussed "her evolution from Harvard idealist to family physician to environmental activist and finally to political candidate," and Stein also discussed "the history of the Green Party and its support for cancelling student debt, which she believes could bring over many new voters."

Jill discusses "extremely corrupt" political system with Chris Hedges

Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist Chris Hedges interviewed Jill Stein for his teleSUR program Days of Revolt. During the interview, which can be viewed below, Stein said of the current American political system, "It is extremely corrupt. It serves the interests of oligarchy. It puts people, planet, and peace -- it subjugates those critical things to profit. We have a political system which is funded and therefore accountable to predatory banks and fossil fuel giants and war profiteers. … In the words of Chief Justice Louis Brandeis a century ago, you can either have a democracy or you can have vast concentrations of wealth. You can’t have both."

Hedges later endorsed Stein for president, writing that "she understands that this is primarily about building a global movement, not about participating in an election."

Jill easily wins Illinois Green Party presidential preference vote

Jill Stein has easily won the Illinois Green Party presidential preference vote, receiving 87% of the votes cast in the five-candidate field. Because of Stein's strong showing, 20 Illinois delegates to the August Green Party nominating convention will be pledged to her, with two uncommitted and one pledged to another candidate.

Jill talks politics and policy with CounterPunch

CounterPunch, February 12, 2016

When Plan A Meets Plan B: Talking Politics and Revolution with the Green Party’s Jill Stein


"We are in a state of emergency, and it requires a new way of thinking and political independence to stand up not just for what we can get, but what must have if we are to survive as a human species."

-- Jill Stein, February 3, 2016


“Let us hope that the inevitable first woman [United States] president is a person distinguished by a profound understanding of the world and genuine human compassion, rather than by relentless personal ambition.” So writes Diana Johnstone in her brilliant new study Queen of Chaos: The Misadventures of Hillary Clinton (CounterPunch Books, 2015). Last week, two days after Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton fought to a virtual tie in the Iowa caucus and six days after Sanders trounced Hillary in New Hampshire, I sat down in Iowa City to chat by phone with a person who matches Johnstone’s notion of what she’d like to see in a first female U.S. president. I spoke to Dr. Jill Stein, who ran for the White House as the Green Party’s candidate in 2012 and who will in all likelihood do so again in 2016.

Jill Stein endorses Bank Whistleblowers United plan to break stranglehold of big banks over our economy & democracy

As a presidential candidate, I enthusiastically endorse the Bank Whistleblowers United 60-Day plan to restore the rule of law to Wall Street, end crony capitalism, and break the stranglehold of big finance over our economy and democracy.

I am grateful for the work of the Whistleblowers, and for their practical proposals that will hold criminals accountable among elite financial institutions. Their much-needed recommendations will force dangerously large banks to massively downsize. These proposals also make reckless behavior and practices impossible by imposing minimum capital requirements proportional to the systemic risk of each institution, including size, non-commercial bank activities, bloated executive compensation systems, and risky hiring practices.

Romney and Obama agree: Don't let Jill debate

B_O.pngI recently found out that lawyers for Mitt Romney are trying to get our lawsuit against the Commission on Presidential Debates (CPD) thrown out.

Our lawsuit, supported by both Greens and Libertarians, makes the case that the CPD violates antitrust law by excluding independent candidates, essentially giving the establishment parties a monopoly on the presidential debates.

President Obama is also fighting our case for open debates, along with the Democratic and Republican National Committees.

Unlike Romney, Obama, the DNC and the RNC, I believe that debates are for the people, not the parties, and that open debates are essential if we are ever to have real democracy in our country.


After Iowa, building an unstoppable revolution

Iowa.pngOn Monday night the Democratic Party dodged a bullet, stopping the Sanders surge just short of beating the Clinton machine and the party establishment.

The question going forward is this: How long will a campaign calling for revolution be tolerated by a counter-revolutionary party?

Whether you see our campaign as Plan B for Bernie supporters when the empire strikes back, or Plan A, because we need a movement that’s independent of the corporate interests that dominate the Democratic Party top to bottom…. we have to ensure this revolution lives on.

Because we must build an America, and a world, that works for all of us. And we need your help.


Stein Says Gov. Snyder Should Be Prosecuted For Flint Crisis. Calls for New Water Infrastructure Through A Green New Deal to End Nationwide Drinking Water Crisis

Portland, Oregon, January 24th

Dr. Jill Stein, a Harvard-trained medical doctor seeking the Green Party nomination for President, expressed outrage today at the recent life-threatening news from Flint, Michigan: lead concentrations in the drinking water of some residents are so high that EPA considers it “hazardous waste.”

No human being should be condemned to drink water contaminated by a neurotoxin,” said Stein.

Stein called for the Governor and other public officials who knew about the water poisoning but failed to act to be criminally prosecuted.