Jill floats “collaboration” with Sanders

Boston.com, March 16, 2016

Green Party candidate floats “collaboration” with Bernie Sanders, blasts Democratic Party

By Nik DeCosta-Klipa

Jill Stein, a perennial Green Party candidate nationally and in Massachusetts, said she’s open to a “collaboration” with Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders -- though it doesn’t seem like the Vermont senator is currently interested.

In a series of tweets Wednesday, Stein said efforts to reach out to the Sanders campaign have returned no response.

Jill talks with Law and Disorder Radio

Law and Disorder, a weekly independent radio program airing on many stations across the US, interviewed Green Party presidential candidate Jill Stein on its March 14 broadcast. The complete half-hour interview can be heard online.

Jill speaks with Ricochet Media

Ricochet Media, March 14, 2016

“Plan B” for Bernie Sanders supporters? Jill Stein and the Green Party

A feature interview with the Greens’ presidential candidate

by Cory Collins

You wouldn’t know it from watching the mainstream media, but there is political life in the United States outside of the Democratic and Republican parties.

Dr. Jill Stein was the 2012 presidential nominee for the Green Party of the United States, and is widely expected to be the party’s nominee for 2016 as well. Recently, she has cast her campaign as a potential “Plan B” for supporters of Bernie Sanders, should he not win the Democratic Party’s presidential nomination.

As Jacobin recently pointed out, the Green Party is the only independent party of the left with a national presence in the United States. Ricochet spoke with Dr. Stein last week about her campaign and the comparisons with Sanders, as well as about Canadian and US politics.


How are things feeling in your campaign at the moment?

It’s been amazing to see how much progress we’ve made and how much people have gone the distance to start breaking up with politics as usual. It’s a great thing. I’ve just come from Illinois, where we had a really exciting field event, and it was just very exciting, especially to see young people really flocking into campaign events like we have never seen before. I think word is getting out that there is another kind of politics here that’s of, by and for people, and especially of, by and for millennials.

Pres. candidate Stein calls for removal of Gov. Rick Snyder & EPA’s McCarthy over Flint disaster

As EPA Administrator Gina McCarthy and Michigan Governor Rick Snyder appeared before the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee to answer questions on the Flint, Michigan water poisoning, Green Party presidential hopeful Dr. Jill Stein issued the following statement.

"Today the people of Flint, Michigan are heroes of health and democracy, fighting back against abuse and neglect in a political system that threatens us all. It is tragic and criminal that families and children have been injured by a series of negligent and harmful actions by multiple government agencies, elected and appointed officials, Congress and both establishment political parties. Flint is a wounded canary in the mine shaft of an economy that puts profit over people, endangering low income and communities of color first and worst – and ultimately imperiling us all.

Grist: "Most of what Stein says makes sense"

Grist, March 14, 2016

Meet the Presidential Candidate Who Makes Bernie Sanders Look Conservative

by Katie Herzog

Jill Stein has a plan to win the presidency.

Her idea is almost genius in its simplicity. There are 43 million Americans with student debt, Stein tells me over the phone, and if every one of them cast their ballot for her -- the one candidate who has promised to cancel their debt -- she could get a plurality of the vote and win the general election. “Young people are discovering that they can check the Green box and reclaim their lives,” she says.

It’s a nice thought, especially now, when the average student with loans leaves school $30,000 in debt. But unfortunately for Stein, it’s not really true that 43 million votes would take the presidency. America, as anyone who voted for Al Gore in 2000 will remember, doesn’t elect presidents through a popular vote. We elect them through the Electoral College -- and if no candidate gets a majority of electoral votes, the House of Representatives gets to pick the president. This is one of the many problems with our electoral process, Stein says -- a system designed to discourage people from voting. She has a plan to fix that too.

Jill discusses Democratic race with Huffington Post

The Huffington Post, March 14, 2016

An Interview with Dr. Jill Stein on the Democratic Party and Electoral Chances for Real Change

by Eoin Higgins

“The course of recent events has made it apparent we need to go outside of the Democratic Party to effect real change,” Dr. Jill Stein said in a phone interview last week.

American politics is a two party system. The country is roughly split down geographic lines that mirror an ideological divide: urban liberal elites versus rural conservative populists.

Democrats versus Republicans.

The deadlocked split between the two main forces in American politics hasn’t allowed for a viable third party movement. The Republican Party has successfully absorbed right wing movements and the Democrats have absorbed left wing movements.

“The idea that the Democrats are going to save us is ridiculous,” said Stein. She points to trade deals as evidence of this.

Jill speaks at Oxford Union

The Oxford Student, March 12, 2016

Dr. Jill Stein at the Oxford Union: Movements, Students and Changing Minds

by Toby Clyde

Sitting in the busy Oxford Union bar on a Wednesday night, the most successful female presidential candidate in U.S. history looks ever so slightly out of place. It’s not like the Union is any stranger to the great and the good of history; the numerous framed photos on the walls confirm that. Yet as we watch the US presidential primaries squirm to the delight of international press and internet commentators it seems strange to have one of its key players here in the flesh.

Dr. Jill Stein is distant from the current primaries in more than just air miles. A graduate from Harvard Medical School, she is the presidential candidate for one of the few independent parties that have any chance of making an impact on the presidential race this year: the Green Party. In 2012 she garnered 0.36% of the vote, an achievement that earned her the title of the most successful female presidential candidate ever. Standing for 100% clean renewable energy by 2030, a single payer public health system and a 50% cut in military spending she is not holding back. However, what has arguably launched her agenda, and that of the whole America socialist left, in to the eyes of mainstream media has been the success of Democrat nominee Bernie Sanders this year. It is highly unusual to see even an aspiring democrat donkey pulling policies like free public education, issues that Jill Stein has been campaigning on for years.

Presidential Candidate Stein to Visit Families of Striking Mexican Miners, Victims of Common Environmental and Workers' Rights Abuses Contributing to the Immigration Crisis

Green Party presidential candidate Dr. Jill Stein will travel from Tucson, Arizona to Cananea, Sonora on Friday morning, March 11, 2016, to meet with the families of striking miners and local residents impacted by environmental and workers’ rights abuses at the Buena Vista mine. The mine is owned by Grupo Mexico, the world’s third largest copper mine company, with operations in Mexico, the United States, Peru and Spain. In August, 2014, 10.5 million gallons of sulfuric acid produced by the Buena Vista mine spilled from a mining waste pond into the Sonora River, turning a 40-mile stretch of the waterway orange as it ran downstream towards Arizona.

This was the largest environmental disaster in Mexico’s history. Workers at the mine had warned the company about problems with the dam holding the sulfuric acid in the waste pond, but their concerns had been ignored. 

Jill wins Massachusetts primary by 10-to-1 margin

Official results from the March 1 Massachusetts Green Rainbow Party presidential primary show Jill Stein winning by a margin of just under 10 to one.

Stein received 768 votes (48.1%), Sedinam Kinamo Christin Moyowasifza-Curry 78 (4.9%), Darryl Cherney 54 (3.4%), Kent Mesplay 37 (2.3%), and Bill Kreml 24 (1.5%). There were 199 “No Preference” votes, 12.5% of the total, with 436 write-ins, 27.3% of the total. There were 85 blank ballots cast.

Presidential Candidate Dr. Jill Stein Says Rising Methane Emissions in US Predictable Outcome of Fracking, Calls for Fracking Ban and 100% Clean Renewable Energy By 2030

Responding to the news that scientists have found a surge in emissions of the potent greenhouse gas methane from the United States, Green Party presidential candidate Dr. Jill Stein stated, “The methane surge shows that fracking isn’t just a dire threat to our health and drinking water. It’s far worse for our climate than the industry will admit.”

Scientists at Harvard University have detected a large increase in global methane emissions over the past decade, with the United States responsible for as much as 60% of the emissions growth. Methane has 86 times the global warming potential of carbon dioxide over a twenty-year period.

“Now that we’ve just experienced the worst methane leak in US history in California, it’s past time to end fracking’s threat to our health and our environment,” said Stein.