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I just got back from Texas

I just returned from a weeklong trip to Texas, and I wanted to let you know -

It’s unbelievably exciting how ready people are for a campaign that gives voice to what they believe and care about. 

In Texas I met so many people doing inspiring work that it’s impossible to cover them all, but I wanted to share just a few highlights with you…

Press Release

2016 US Presidential Hopeful Jill Stein Seeks To Bring Issues From Frontline Communities To The Frontlines of Presidential Dialogue

Why Build the Green Party? - Jill Stein on Reality Asserts Itself pt.1

On Reality Asserts Itself, former Green Party presidential candidate Jill Stein tells Paul Jay that as a doctor/activist, she realized that the two party political system will not tolerate reform from within. Part 1 is above and parts 2 and 3 appear after the flip…

ABC News

Meet the woman trying to turn the White House Green

ABC News interviews Jill about in an exclusive just before the launch of her exploratory committee. 

RT America

Jill's Appearance on Redacted Tonight

Jill's appearance on Redacted Tonight with Lee Camp.

Announcement Speech on CSPAN

Watch Jill's announcement speech at the National Press Club in full via CSPAN.