Media Advisory: Jill Stein to visit Capital Region of NY

Jill Stein - Green for President

Media Advisory

For Immediate Release:
June 9, 2016

Gloria Mattera, Campaign Manager
David Doonan, Communications Coordinator, 518-265-4030,


Thursday June 9
Ft Edward and Glens Falls, New York

Local Contact: Matt Funiciello, 518-793-0075


WHO: Jill Stein, presumptive presidential candidate for the Green Party of the United States

WHAT: Rally for People Over Profit

WHEN: 3:00 PM

WHERE: Closed General Electric Plant, 381 Broadway, Ft Edward New York

WHY: Join Dr. Jill Stein for a rally at the recently closed General Electric Co. plant in Fort Edward, and help her support the effort to empower the workers of our area and let corporate America know that it's time to support people over profit! Local Green Party candidates Matt Funiciello, in the 21st Congressional District; Steve Ruzbacki, in the 45th state Senate district; and Robin Barkenhagen, in the 114th state Assembly District, also will speak.


WHAT: Fundraiser Buffet Dinner for Jill Stein

WHEN: 5:00 - 6:30 PM

WHERE: Rock Hill Bakehouse Cafe, 19 Exchange Street, Glens Falls, New York

WHY: Join the Warren County Green Party and Dr. Jill Stein at Rock Hill Bakehouse Cafe in Glens Falls for a fundraiser buffet dinner to support Dr. Stein's campaign! Come enjoy some delicious food and good company and support Dr. Stein's candidacy. Vegan dining options will be available courtesy of Black Diamond Catering. Tickets (available at Rock Hill Bakehouse Cafe or at 42° on Park Street, or online) are $75 and include dinner and admission to the speaking event at The Gold Shade Restaurant afterward.


WHAT: Meet & Greet Fundraiser

WHEN: 7:00-9:00 PM

WHERE: Gold Shade Restaurant,

WHY: Come out and hear Dr. Jill Stein speak about her candidacy, her platform and why she should be the next President of the United States. Also speaking will be several leaders within the Green Party of New York, as well as local candidates for state and federal office.

Friday June 10
Troy, New York

WHAT: James Connolly Forum on the Presidential Election

WHEN: 6:30 PM - 9:30 PM

WHERE: Oakwood Community Center, 313 10th Street, Troy New York

WHY: The Future of Left Electoral Politics. Join Jill Stein for a panel discussion on the topic “After the Primaries: Electoral Politics and the Left, Where do we go from here?” with Bhaskar Sunkara, Editor of Jacobin Magazine, and Ashley Smith of the International Socialist Organization. Sponsored by The James Connolly Forum and Co-Sponsored by The Hampton Institute, Upper Hudson Green Party, and Media Alliance.


Saturday June 11
Troy, New York

WHAT: 2016 State Convention of the Green Party of New York

WHEN: 10:00 AM - 6:00 PM

WHERE: Oakwood Community Center, 313 10th Street, Troy New York

WHY: Join Jill Stein and New York Greens for a groundbreaking state nominating convention! Enrolled Green Party members will be able to vote for their preferred presidential candidate for the Green Party nomination at our national convention in Houston, TX (August 4-7). We'll also vote on a renewed 2016 state platform and choose delegates to appear at the national convention.


Stein, Green Party submit petitions in Nevada to be on November ballot

For Immediate Release: June 3, 2016
For More Information: 
Gloria Mattera, JSP co-chair, 917 886-4538,
Rick Lass, 505 920-0540

13319688_10208408076833022_7307255574980063456_nCrop.jpgJill Stein and the Green Party of Nevada filed petitions today to qualify for the 2016 elections, including Stein for President.

The party was required to file 5,431 signatures to qualify as a party for the ballot. The signatures will now be verified by county clerks and then sent to the state board. The Greens filed more than 8,500 signatures.

Nevada will be the 22nd state where the Green Party has qualified for the November election, with 299 electoral votes – more than the total needed to win the election. This is only slightly behind the electoral votes that the Libertarian Party have qualified for so far. The Greens expect to be on nearly all states this November. Nevada was one of the states the party failed to qualify in for the 2012 election, when it was on 32 states.

"I want to thank everyone who worked so hard to get us on the ballot in Nevada. I greatly appreciate the inspired assistance we received from Bernie Sanders' supporters following the Democratic Party's shameful manipulation of it Nevada state convention. We will ensure that voters will have a progressive alternative this November,” said Stein.

Stein is running on a Power to the People platform. She supports a Green New Deal that promotes full employment and economic justice by transitioning to 100% renewable energy by 2030 to curb climate change. She advocates the abolition of student debt; an end to policies of mass incarceration; and, single payer universal health care.

“Ballot access is one the tools the two main parties use to suppress democracy in America. Even the largest third parties have to expend enormous resources and time navigating complex rules that vary from state to state,” added Rick Lass, the national ballot access coordinator for Jill Stein.

America’s political system features numerous anti-democratic policies that are specifically designed to prevent the most oppressed sectors of our society from participating in the electoral process. Students and young people, African-Americans, poor people, and the elderly all face tremendous barriers, such as voter ID laws, disenfranchisement of ex-offenders, and restrictive residency requirements, among others.

“Our campaign is promoting solutions for each of these unjust restrictions to our voting rights,” added Stein, who is campaigning this weekend in California.

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Statement by Jill Stein for President on the Killing of Harambe in Cincinnati

p_harambe_gorilla.jpegThe killing of Harambe at the Cincinnati Zoo highlights the need to adopt stronger legal protections for the rights of animals, especially primates.

Other countries, especially in Europe, have begun to provide legal rights and protected status to primates as living beings. Non human primates should have the legal right to live freely or, when necessary, in sanctuaries only for medical rehabilitation or ecological assistance for endangered species.

Harambe was killed by a zoo which raises revenues by selling tickets to see captive animals, including primates. While good emergency staff training might have prevented such a catastrophic outcome, the Green Party believes that captivity for such entertainment is ethically wrong and fundamentally exploitive and should be illegal.

Media Advisory: Jill Stein to visit Bay Area

Dr. Jill Stein who is seeking the presidential nomination of the Green Party, will be in San Francisco and Berkeley, California on June 3 and 4.

Memorial Day: Honor Those who Have Sacrificed for Our County, Commit to Peace

Memorial Day is a day to honor those who paid the ultimate sacrifice in defense of their country.

Veterans have put service to the country first, ahead of their own lives and welfare, and their contributions must be honored even when we disagree with the actions of their political leaders. As President I pledge to work to ensure that veterans receive the assistance and deep respect they are entitled to.

Stein Says US Owes Japan an Apology for Nuke Attack, More Important is Commitment to Disarm

Jill Stein, who is seeking the Green Party nomination for President, said that President Obama should apologize during his trip to Hiroshima for the use of nuclear weapons against Japan by pledging nuclear disarmament.

Dr. Stein also urged Obama to listen to the testimony of the survivors of the nuclear attack, who have dedicated their lives to the elimination of nuclear weapons so that no one else should ever experience the hell on earth they survived.

Rolling Stone talks with Jill Stein

Rolling Stone, May 26, 2016

Green Party’s Jill Stein on the Feminist Case Against Hillary Clinton

“Another Clinton in the White House is just going to fan the flames of the right-wing revolt,” she says

by Tessa Stuart

Hillary Clinton’s plan to win the White House relies heavily on winning the support of women voters. And she shouldn’t have much problem doing that: Not only does she have the endorsements of many marquee women’s organizations -- EMILY’s List, NOW and Planned Parenthood, for example -- she’ll likely face Donald Trump, a candidate who is despised by women at historic rates. (A recent poll found seven out of ten women voters have unfavorable views of him.)

Trump’s accusations that Clinton has coasted through life with gender-based advantages may have helped shore up his credibility with resentful men’s rights activists, but it probably helped Clinton more. She raised $2.4 million off his infamous “woman card” remarks, one of her best fundraising pushes of the campaign.

For many women voters, the choice between the likely major-party nominees is relatively easy: One of them has a demonstrable history of misogyny, and does things like say women should be punished for getting an abortion, and the other supports equal pay for women and stronger protection for reproductive rights.

But as Jill Stein, the Green Party’s presumptive presidential nominee, would like to remind voters, Clinton isn’t the only woman in the race. Stein makes a strong argument that the Green Party platform is better for many more women than Clinton’s.

The Hill: Jill Stein “has a chance to make an impact in the presidential election”

The Hill, May 25, 2016

Green Party could be election spoiler

by Niall Stanage

The Green Party suddenly has a chance to make an impact in the presidential election, with polls showing that Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton are set to be the most unpopular nominees in modern times.

The possibility of disaffected liberals going to a third-party candidate sends a shiver through Democrats -- especially those with memories of the 2000 presidential election -- even as it delights the Greens and their likely nominee, Jill Stein.

In 2000, votes cast for Green Party nominee Ralph Nader may have swung the outcome of the election to George W. Bush over Al Gore, the Democratic nominee.

Stein, who was the Green Party nominee in 2012 and is the near-certain standard-bearer this time as well, told The Hill that the likelihood of Trump and Clinton being the major-party nominees “creates a very propitious situation for the American people to actually have some choices.”

Jill Stein hopeful about Sanders support

Truthout, May 24, 2016

Green Party’s Jill Stein Shares Her “Plan B” for Bernie Sanders Supporters: A Green New Deal

by Candice Bernd

As Bernie Sanders’ voters begin facing the question of whether or not to support Democratic presidential front-runner Hillary Clinton if she becomes the party’s nominee, many of his supporters have pledged never to support her. In fact, voters in both major parties are seeking alternatives in this year’s presidential election -- and third-party candidates are seeing an explosion in social media interest in their campaigns.

Jill Stein is the presumptive nominee of the Green Party in 2016. The main planks of her presidential platform include a “Green New Deal,” ending mass incarceration and police brutality, ending wars and drone attacks, a $15 per hour federal minimum wage, a single-payer health care system, universal public education and the abolition of student debt, breaking up big banks and nationalizing the Federal Reserve, initiating a global treaty to reverse climate change and ending extreme forms of extraction.

Truthout spoke with Stein before she headed out to Seattle as part of her ongoing “listening tour” of frontline communities struggling for justice. The following interview has been edited for length and clarity.

Jill Stein warns against voting "your fears"

Red Alert Politics, May 24, 2016

Green Party’s Jill Stein to Bernie fans: ‘Don’t vote for the two-party system’

by Ryan Girdusky

Bernie Sanders supporters are in a tough position this election cycle. Establishment Democrats did everything in their power to undermine the Vermont senator’s candidacy, but on the other hand they really don’t like Donald Trump.

Dr. Jill Stein told AJ+ on Monday that voters have to break up the two-party system before they can ever hope to break up the banks.

“People are told over and over don’t vote your values, vote your fears, but what we got was everything we were afraid of,” Stein said.

“All the reasons you were told you had to vote for the lesser of two evils, because you didn’t want the massive expanding wars, you didn’t want meltdown of the climate, you didn’t want the massive Wall Street bailout, you didn’t want the offshoring of our jobs,” Stein continued. “These were all things delivered to us signed, sealed, and delivered by a Democratic White House with two Democratic houses of Congress.”