May 13, 2015

The Green Party and Libertarian Party Join Together to Challenge The Commission on Presidential Debates

For Immediate Release: May 13, 2015

Contact: Dennis Trainor, Jr | Communications Director
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The Green Party and the Libertarian Party have joined together to challenge the Commission on Presidential Debates.

The Our America Initiative’s legal team, along with Dr. Jill Stein and key advisors, will host a Google Hangout Wednesday, May 13, 2015, at 9:00pm ET/ 6:00 pm Pacific to present a status update and briefing regarding plans to change the Presidential debates.

This Google Hangout can be watched at the following event link:

The Libertarian and Green party nominees were excluded from CPD-sponsored presidential and vice-presidential debates in 2012, despite appearing on enough states’ presidential ballots to potentially achieve a majority in the Electoral College. In 2012, Dr. Stein and Cheri Honkala were arrested as they attempted to enter the grounds of the presidential debate site at Hofstra University.

In addition to Dr. Stein, the 2012 Green Party presidential candidate, the online briefing will include Our America Initiative attorney Rocky Anderson, former Salt Lake City mayor, presidential candidate and respected public interest attorney.

“The proposed lawsuit from Our America Initiative could break the stranglehold that the two big parties have been using to weaken  our democracy and keep real solutions from being discussed,” says 2012 Green Party Presidential candidate Dr. Jill Stein, adding: “If successful, this  lawsuit will give voters more political choices and let them hear political voices. A majority of U.S. adults say a 3rd major political party is needed. Towards this end, the American people have the right to hear from the full spectrum of their choices.  With open and meaningful presidential debates,  we can begin to secure a government that is truly of, by and for the people.”


Dr. Stein is available for interviews.