Stand with Jill to oppose mass incarceration, racist prisons and police violence as key foundations of institutional racism.

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Green Party presidential candidate, Dr. Jill Stein, has consistently stood against institutional racism in all its forms by standing up and showing up for frontline communities. She’s been there for political prisoner Reverend Pinkney in his home community in Benton Harbor, Michigan, and rallied with local activists in Ferguson, Missouri against the racist police violence. And she has adopted the National Action Plan for Racial Justice Now, developed by the Malcolm X Grassroots Movement, as an integral part of her Power To the People Plan. 

When other presidential candidates are forced to speak about the oppression and exploitation confronting Black people in our society, you will notice they want to quickly pivot away from a discussion about race to a discussion about the economy. Racial Inequality is more than just an economic issue. It's a structural feature of our society that requires a structural solution.

In stark contrast to the Presidential candidates offered up by the two corporately controlled parties, we are building a people powered campaign that aims to dismantle institutional racism and white supremacy.

We will fight to implement a National Plan of Action for Racial Justice developed by Black and other oppressed peoples.

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